Maqālah fī al-ajrām al-samāwiyyah

Title (arabic)

مقالة في الأجرام السماويّة

Title (translit)

Maqālah fī al-ajrām al-samāwiyyah


Risālaẗ al-ajsām al-samāwiyyaẗ
مقالة في الأجرام العلوية
Maqālah fī al-ajrām al-ʿulwiyyah
Risālat al-ajrām al-ʿulwiyyah
Risālat al-ajsām al-samāwiyyah
Risālah al-āthār al-ʿulwiyyah





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This treatise, pace MAMS2, is probably different from the Risālat al-āthār al-ʿulwiyyah, but this needs to be checked. Also needing to be checked are the listed manuscripts for the present work since some of these may be for the Risālat al-āthār al-ʿulwiyyah.



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