Zīj-i Khāqānī dar takmīl-i Zīj-i Īlkhānī

Title (arabic)

زيج خاقاني در تكميل زيج إيلخانی

Title (translit)

Zīj-i Khāqānī dar takmīl-i Zīj-i Īlkhānī


Zīj-i Khāqanī dar takmīl-i zīj-i īlkhānī (Kāshī)
Zīj-i Khāqanī
زيج خاقاني





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Al-Kāshī (d. 1429) presented his Zīj-i Khāqānī dar takmīl-i Zīj-i Īlkhānī (Khāqānī Tables Complementing the Ilkhanid Tables) to Ulugh Beg upon his arrival in Samarqand. Despite his criticism of Ṭūsī’s Zīj-i Īlkhānī, Kashi adopted its planetary mean motion parameters in his zīj. The treatise consists of an introduction and 6 sections (organized in 3 parts: a technical glossary of terms used in the treatise; explanation of operations; and proofs of these operations). See also the Zīj of Ulugh Beg. In the preface, Ulugh Beg specifically names Kāshī, Qāḍīzāde, and ʿAlī Qushjī as contributors.



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