Contents and limitations

The content for this launch (November 2018) is generally limited to authors who flourished before 1350 CE. For technical reasons, this means that the contents of codices are also limited to that period. Thus, if a codex contains works that were composed both before and after 1350 CE, only those before 1350 will be listed. As more data is made public, this limitation will be rectified. On the other hand, you will find examples of authors who flourished after this period. These select exceptions allow for “transitive queries” that return chains of teachers/students, original texts (matn)/commentaries, ownership chains, and so on.


Even for authors and works up to the 14th c., the content is still incomplete, and there are no doubt many mistakes and omissions. The subjects are limited to the “mathematical” sciences; thus you generally won’t find works on medicine, philosophy, etc.


This is a living database, and every correction and additional data from its users adds to its functionality.


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