al-Arṣād al-kulliyyah wa-maʿrifat tarkīb al-aflāk ka-al-mukhtaṣar min kitāb al-Majisṭī

Title (arabic)

الأرصاد الكلّية ومعرفة تركيب الأفلاك كالمختصر من كتاب المجسطي

Title (translit)

al-Arṣād al-kulliyyah wa-maʿrifat tarkīb al-aflāk ka-al-mukhtaṣar min kitāb al-Majisṭī


Al-Arṣād al-kulliyyah
al-Arṣād al-kulliyya
Maʿrifat tarkīb al-aflāk
كتاب الأرصاد الكلية
Bayān al-arṣād al-kulliyya
بيان الأرصاد الكلية




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First-order prose composition (or compilation) [matn]

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Written in Jurjān (between 1012-14) for Abū Muḥammad al-Shīrāzī; incorporated by al-Jūzjānī into Ibn Sīnā’s Najāt after his death.

Sezgin mistakenly lists the work three times under the names al-Majisṭī (no. 3), Kitāb al-Arṣād al-kulliyya (no. 8), and Maʿrifat tarkīb al-aflāk (no. 10).

In his introduction to the mathematical part of the Najāt, Jūzjānī calls this work “al-Arṣād al-kulliyya wa-maʿrifat tarkīb al-aflāk ka-al-mukhtaṣar min Kitāb al-Majisṭī,” which is the source of the three separate titles listed by Sezgin. (See above for the translation of Jūzjānī.) Ibn Sīnā himself says that he wishes to “abridge the explication of the comprehensive observations from which one learns the general principles regarding the configuration of the orb and the calculation of the motions.”

This short work (ff. 43b-76b in Damascus, Ẓāhiriyya MS 9152) contains 9 chapters; for the table of contents, see Mahdavi, p. 236. It was translated as Raṣadhā kullī in the Dānishnāmah-i ʿAlāʾī.

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