Fī anna laysa lil-arḍ ḥarakah intiqāl

Title (arabic)

في أنّ ليس للأرض حركة إنتقال

Title (translit)

Fī anna laysa lil-arḍ ḥarakah intiqāl


Fī anna laysa lil-arḍ ḥarakaẗ intiqāl






This is a short chapter of the Summary of the Almagest, which is Part 4 of the Mathematical Section of the Shifāʾ; sometimes copied as a separate treatise (e.g. Istanbul, Ayasofya MS 2589, ff. 54a-54b).
Ibn Sīnā gives an account of Ptolemy’s arguments against the possibility of the Earth’s rotation. Interestingly, even though he maintains that the Earth does not rotate, he does not believe that Ptolemy’s arguments are adequate. In this he anticipates the position of Naṣīr al-Dīn al-Ṭūsī.



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